Energy Savings Programs

Offer Valid: 01/01/2021 - 12/31/2021

Triple “S” Energy Management was created to provide reliable energy consulting services on major utility systems in the State of Ohio. With individualized service to create value and stability in a volatile energy market, Triple “S” Energy’s goal is to locate energy savings in many aspects of your business and provide the professionalism, knowledge and expertise to accomplish that goal. Contact Triple "S" Energy Management at 330-339-6001 for more information. Services provided by Triple “S” Energy include:
  • Natural Gas Procurement on Dominion and Columbia Gas of Ohio: Triple “S” Energy Manages what you pay for your supply
  • Electric Procurement on AEP Ohio, Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison and The Illuminating Company: Triple “S” Energy Manages what you pay for your electric supply
  • Demand Response Opportunities on AEP Ohio and First Energy Utilities: Reduce Electricity in exchange for compensation
  • Renewable Energy: Go Green and save on your electricity invoice
  • Energy Efficiency: Lighting Upgrades to affordable LED

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